America's Art Form Series

Traditional Music of NOLA
The first of this year’s America’s Art Form series:

“Traditional Music of NOLA”

presented by the Hot Springs Jazz Society and the Garland County Library will explore New Orleans jazz from its origins in Blues and Dixieland to today’s new traditions.  A specially selected group of musicians will present to you the music that has been described as “the bright flash of European horns that ran into the dark rumble of African drums.” 


The evening is co-sponsored by George and Mimi Ryan. 

The great set of muscians include:

George "Doc" Ryan on trumpet 
 Sim Flora on trombone,
Earl Hesse on clarinet,
David Higginbotham on bass,
Jay Payette on drums,
Clyde Pound on keyboard
Fedette “Lady J” Johnson on vocals. 

You’ll experience like never before the music that makes people feel free, feel alive, want to get up and dance.  The American music that nobody plays like they play it in New Orleans, a city where you could dance down the middle of the street, in the middle of the daytime, in the middle of the week, and instead of people wondering why you weren’t at work, they’d be wondering how they could join you.


Join us at America’s Art Form: Traditional Music of NOLA

This is a free concert beginning at 6pm on Wednesday, October 8th in the Garland County Library’s Auditorium. 

If you have attended an "America's Art Form" concert,

Please take the following survery!  Thanks!!!

Future America’s Art Form programs scheduled each 2nd Wednesday October through February will explore

“Theme Songs of the Big Band Era”
Nov 12, 6:00 PM

“Icons and Innovators”
Dec 10, 6:00 PM

“Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits”
Jan 14, 6:00 PM

“Poetry & Jazz”  
Feb 11, 6:00 PM

Call 501-627-2425 for further information.

Latest News


Sep 23, 2014



Stardust Big Band  at the

Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa

Coming Dates:

Sunday, November 23 starting at 3:00 PM

Sunday, December 14 starting at 3:00 PM

Arlington Resort Hotel Crystal Ballroom, 239 Central, Hot Springs



The Stardust Big Band continues to  

attract dancers from states that border Arkansas since Stardust provides fantastic live dance music so often missing in area events.

Though Stardust performs for many weddings and special events their impetus is on providing a live dancing experience each month at the Arlington Hotel and Spa.


 Admission is $8 but is free for students 18 years and younger.

Dancers from Memphis, St. Louis, Texarkana, Austin and Houston continue to frequent this monthly event to enjoy and practice their dance routines.


The evening’s entertainment promises as

much for viewing as dancing since area dance instructors bring their students to practice dancing in a live musical venue. 


This powerhouse 17 piece big band, organized in 1982, is the only big band consistently performing in Arkansas.  The popular TV show “Dancing With the Stars" would be hard pressed to compete with some of the professional dancers that attend this event!!!


For information call: 501-767-5482 or www.stardustband.net.



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FEBRUARY 7, 2015  at the AUSTIN !!!!!!





A very short bio on the Hot Springs Jazz Society:


January 1992 is the birthday of the Hot Springs Jazz Society, and the date of its first official membership meeting.

This organization was founded to perpetuate, preserve and promote the jazz music, an original American art form.

The mission is partially accomplished through a scholarship program that sends qualified music students to the summer jazz camp at the University of Arkansas -Monticello.

The mission is further accomplished by providing jazz music events in the Hot Springs area, most notably the free outdoor Jazz Fest concert held every September. 

This year marked the 22nd Jazz Fest, which also provided music education seminars, workshops, lectures and a variety of jazz concerts.  

The efforts of the Hot Springs Jazz Society have brought national recognition to our jazz events, resulting in increased tourism and nationally known artists requesting performance appearances at Jazz Fest.


The Hot Springs Jazz Society is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to perpetuating, promoting and preserving Jazz Music, an original American art form. The Jazz Society is funded in part by the Arkansas Arts Council, Hot Springs Advertising and Promotion Commission, Arts on Tour, Weyerhaeuser Foundation and Elisabeth Wagner Foundation along with numerous other corporate and private sponsors.